A Simple Plan (film)

A Simple Plan is a 1998 American neonoir crime thriller film adapted by Scott B. Smith from his 1993 novel of the same name. Directed by Sam Raimi, the film stars Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton and Bridget Fonda. Set in rural Minnesota, A Simple Plan follows Hank Mitchell Paxton and his brother Jacob Thornton, who, along with Jacobs friend Lou Brent Briscoe, discover a crashed plane containing 4.4 million in cash. The three men go to great lengths to keep the money a secret but begin to doubt each others trust, resulting in lies, deceit and murder.

Hank Mitchell and his wife Sarah live in rural Minnesota. One of the towns few college graduates, Hank works in a feed mill, while his wife is a librarian. When Hank, his younger brother Jacob and Jacobs friend Lou chase a fox into the woods, they stumble upon a crashed airplane. Hank decides to look inside the plane where he discovers a dead pilot and a bag containing 4.4 million in 100 bills. He suggests turning the money in but is persuaded not to by Jacob and Lou. Hank then proposes that he keep the money safe at his house until the end of winter. Sheriff Carl Jenkins drives by the area and notices the three men after they hide the money in Jacobs pickup truck. Jacob mentions hearing a plane in the area to avoid suspicion. After Carl leaves, the three men decide to keep the money a secret, but Hank breaks the pact when he reveals the discovery to Sarah.Sarah suggests that Hank and Jacob return a paltry sum of the money to the plane to avoid suspicion from local authorities. While travelling on foot to the woods, the brothers come across an old man on a snowmobile. Jacob, thinking that their cover is blown, bludgeons him. When the man regains consciousness, Hank suffocates him, then uses the snowmobile to drive his body off a bridge, making the murder look like an accidental death. The following night, Lou drunkenly demands some of the money from Hank, because he has spent recklessly since the discovery. When Hank refuses, Lou threatens to go to the authorities, having learned from Jacob about the old mans murder. ........

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