Aapadbandhavudu is a 1992 Telugu film starring Chiranjeevi and Meenakshi Seshadri in lead roles with Jandhyala, Sharath Babu playing supporting roles. It was the third collaboration between actor Chiranjeevi and director K. Viswanath after Shubhalekha and Swayam Krushi. The movie won critical acclaim, especially for Chiranjeevi, who received the Nandi Award for Best Actor amp Filmfare Award for Best Actor Telugu for his performance. This film marked Jandhyalas only screen appearance.

One day, in order to pay for the wedding of Lalita Geeta, Hemas elder sister, Madhava sells his cows and gives the money to a family friend to give to Hemas father as a loan. When her father hears what he has done, he gives Madhava his manuscripts. Madhava goes to town to have them printed. When he returns, he sees Hema being taken away to an asylum. He learns that Hema has gone into shock after her brotherinlaw tried to rape her and killed Lalitha who tried to stop him.Madhava pretends to be mentally retarded and enters the asylum, where he goes through many hardships in order to save Hema. After stopping a guard from attacking her, he is falsely accused of attempted rape and is electrocuted. He tries many times to help her regain her memory. When she finally does and realizes what he did for her, she wants to marry him after she is safely rescued. However, Madhava objects to her proposal as he is from a lower strata of society when Hemas fiance Sripathi Sarath Babu convinces him to change his mind. Hema and Madhava finally unite. ........

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