Acid Factory

Acid Factory is a paranoid thriller Hindi film directed by Suparn Verma under the banner of White Feather Films. The film released onOctober 2009. The movie is a remake of 2006 Hollywood thriller Unknown.

As the story reveals through the hazy mist of confusion confounded by loss off memory, the audience is just shown the tip of the iceberg. Five men wake up inside the stolid confines of a factory to find themselves locked in this claustrophobic nowhere land. As the plot unfolds we gradually learn that two of the people who are trapped have been kidnapped and held hostage by the rest of the three for a heist. But the irony is they themselves do not know who the hostages are and who the kidnappers are. The plot is like a Rubik cube that acquires the contours of solid colours on each side as the narrative unfolds. Their fears are heightened by a phone call from the leader of the gang of goons who informs them that he is on his way with the heist and plans to knock off the two hostages as soon as he arrives. Every one fears for their lives as they are unaware about the fact which two of them are the hostages. They plan escape, fail and end lunging at each other in despair as the clock ticks away. Individual foibles and shortcomings surface in this final hour of despair. Like caged animals they alternately bicker among themselves and then jointly plan means of escape but to no avail. The Big Boss eventually arrives.It is revealed in the end that Sarthak and J.D. are business partners and Sarthak was going to sell their company and in order to avenge that, J.D. plans Sarthaks kidnapping. Romeo is an undercover cop who becomes a part of this plan to get close to the gang headed by Kaiser. In the end, the gang goes to jail and Romeo and Sarthak get back to their lives. ........

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