Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite

Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite is a music concert that was headlined by Elvis Presley, and was broadcast live via satellite on January 14, 1973. The concert took place at the Honolulu International Center HIC in Honolulu now known as the Neal S. Blaisdell Center and aired in overcountries across Asia and Europe who received the telecast the next day, also in primetime. Despite the satellite innovation, the United States did not air the concert until April 4, 1973 because the concert took place the same day as Super Bowl VII. Viewing figures have are estimated to be betweenand 1.5 billion viewers worldwide. The show was the most expensive entertainment special at the time, costing 2.5 million.

Parker held another press conference on September 4, 1972, in Las Vegas to confirm that the concert, now titled Aloha From Hawaii, would be broadcast on January 14, 1973. The press were told that an audience ofbillion was expected to tune in to see the first entertainment special to be broadcast live around the world, even though Parker had not taken into account the fact that many countries, including parts of Europe and America, would not see the concert live due to the time of the broadcast. Although the Our World broadcast was the first live, international, satellite television production, which was broadcast worldwide on June 25, 1967, which included entertainment artists such as Maria Callas and headlined by The Beatles Aloha From Hawaii was the first live satellite concert to be with a single performer. Two weeks after the Las Vegas press conference Parker received a letter from Honolulu Advertiser columnist Eddie Sherman. Sherman had read in news accounts that there was to be no charge for admittance to the concerts, instead a donation for charity was required. He suggested to Parker that, as Presley had recorded, and was still performing, the song Ill Remember You, which had been written and composed by Kui Lee, the donations could go to the Kui Lee Cancer Fund that had been set up following the death of the songwriter in 1966. Seeing the chance to publicize Presleys charitable nature once again, Parker eagerly agreed.Producerdirector Marty Pasetta had attended one of Presleys concerts at Long Beach in midNovember, and he had found it to be boring and lacking in any physical excitement. He approached Parker with ideas about the broadcast, including a runway that led out from the stage so Presley could get closer to his audience. Parker insisted that the ideas were useless, and that Presley would agree that they were useless. Pasetta, however, decided to approach Presley about the ideas anyway and was pleasantly surprised to f

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