Arlington Road

Arlington Road is a 1999 American drama mystery thriller film, which tells the story of a widowed George Washington University professor who suspects his new neighbors are involved in terrorism and becomes obsessed with foiling their terrorist plot. The film stars Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack, and Hope Davis and is directed by Mark Pellington. Ehren Kruger wrote the script, which won the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences AMPAS Nicholl Fellowship in 1996. The film was to have been originally released by PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, but was sold to Sony Pictures Entertainment before it opened. The eventual release was the first title for Screen Gems while PolyGram now part of Universal Studios handled foreign rights. tomandandy composed additional music in the film.

At first Michaels suspicions are based on little things including Olivers architectural blueprints that seem to be for something other than the shopping mall that he claims to be building, as well as pieces of mail that contradict where Oliver said he attended college. Neither Michaels girlfriend and former student, Brooke Wolfe Hope Davis, nor his wifes former FBI partner, Whit Carver Robert Gossett, believe any of his wild theories. After doing some digging, Michael discovers that Olivers real name is William Fenimore and that when he washe built a pipe bomb and used it to try to blow up a postal office in Kansas. WilliamOliver confronts Michael about his looking into Williams past, revealing that Oliver Lang was the name of his friend who died in a hunting accident. William says his family farm went broke because the government appropriated the river that ran through it for other uses. According to William, his father then killed himself and made it look like a tractor accident so the family could claim the life insurance. He left a note for William explaining everything. William built the pipe bomb to get back at the government. When Williams friend Oliver died he took his name the next day to hide his past.However, Michael continues to uncover potential evidence and starts to suspect that Oliver is a terrorist. One day, Brooke follows Olivers car after witnessing a suspicious package delivery in a garage. Her trail ends at the headquarters of a mail delivery company from where she decides to call Michael and leave a message, finally accepting that his fears are founded. After hanging up the phone, she turns around, only to see Cheryl standing right behind her, who has obviously heard the whole message. ........

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