Army of Darkness

Army of Darkness is a 1992 American comedy horror film directed by Sam Raimi. It is the third installment of the Evil Dead franchise. The film was written by Raimi and his brother Ivan, produced by Robert Tapert, and stars Bruce Campbell also acting as coproducer and Embeth Davidtz. Continuing from Evil Dead II, Ash Williams Campbell is trapped in the Middle Ages and battles the undead in his quest to return to the present.

After being pulled through a time portal, Ash Williams lands in A.D. 1300, where he is soon captured by Lord Arthurs men, who suspect him to be an agent for Duke Henry, with whom Arthur is at war. He is enslaved along with the captured Henry, his gun and chainsaw confiscated, and is taken to a castle. Ash is thrown in a pit where he fights off a Deadite and regains his weapons from Arthurs Wise Man. After demanding Henry and his men be set free as he knew Henry was innocent, and his persecution was simply a witch hunt and killing a Deadite in full view of everyone, Ash is celebrated as a hero. He also grows attracted to Sheila, the sister of one of Arthurs fallen knights.According to the Wise Man, the only way Ash can return to his time is to retrieve the Necronomicon ExMortis, a book with magical powers. After bidding goodbye to Sheila, Ash starts his search for the Necronomicon. As he enters a haunted forest, an unseen force pursues Ash through the woods. Fleeing, he ducks into a windmill where he crashes into a mirror. The small reflections of Ash climb out from the shattered mirror and torment him. One of the reflections dives down Ashs throat and uses his body to become a lifesized clone of Ash and attack him, after which Ash kills and buries the clone. ........

Source: Wikipedia