Blind Flight

Blind Flight is a 2003 British film directed by John Furse, starring Ian Hart and Linus Roache. It is based on the truelife story of the kidnapping and imprisonment of the Irish academic Brian Keenan and the English journalist John McCarthy, two of the hostages in the Lebanon hostage crisis. The film is based on Keenans memoir, An Evil Cradling and Some Other Rainbow by John McCarthy who was a screenplay consultant. The film received widespread critical acclaim, being nominated for six awards, and winning a BAFTA.

Keenan refuses to be shaved or wear clean clothes until he gets answers from his captors. He protests about having his beard shaved off. A grumpy idealist, Keenan sees his treatment by his Muslim jailers as equaling the British historic treatment of Ireland. McCarthy is neutral and pragmatic. The two men are periodically moved around to new hiding places. The pair slowly begin to bond as they make a temporary life together, playing chess, catching mosquitoes, trapping a mouse, telling stories and imagining they are somewhere else. They become very close friends and when one man is in trouble or close to the breaking point, the other invariably helps him.Their guards treat them with a mixture of detachment, kindness and cruelty. After another move, to a small, whitetiled cell, McCarthy is traumatized after being shown a video of his mother pleading for his return. He finds strength in Keenans own brand of selfcontrol. ........

Source: Wikipedia