Blood In Blood Out

Blood In Blood Out also known as Bound by Honor is a 1993 American crimedrama film directed by Taylor Hackford. It follows the intertwining lives of the three Chicano relatives from 1972 to 1984. They start out as members of a street gang in East Los Angeles, and as dramatic incidents occur, their lives and friendships are forever changed. Blood In Blood Out was filmed in 1991 throughout the Spanishspeaking areas of Los Angeles and inside Californias San Quentin State Prison.

However, the Tres Puntos gang soon takes revenge by brutally attacking Cruz who is a budding artist, and damages his back for life. When Vatos Locos learn of the attack, they perform a wellplanned counterattack. However, things go wrong when Miklo ends up getting shot by their rival gangs leader, Spider. Miklo is able to shoot and kill Spider, but has to be rushed to the hospital by Paco while being chased by police. Paco crashes into another car at the El Pino tree and they are both arrested.From here, the trios paths diverges Miklo is sent to San Quentin State Prison for murder, Paco volunteers for military service in the United States Marine Corps as an alternative choice to prison, and Cruz continues his passion for art. He also becomes a heroin addict due to the recurring back pain. His addiction leads to him being disowned by his family after his 12yearold brother, Juanito, dies of an accidental overdose on Cruzs heroin supply. Paco becomes an L.A.P.D. narcotics detective after leaving the Marine Corps. ........

Source: Wikipedia