Bryan Johnson (filmmaker)

Bryan Lee Johnson is an American comic book writer, podcaster, actor and television personality associated with filmmaker Kevin Smith and the View Askewniverse. He is best known by his local fame in New Jersey and appearances in Smiths New Jersey films as comic book fan SteveDave Pulasti. He was also the basis for the Clerks character Randal Graves. Through his friendship with Smith, he was often involved in his productions until Smith moved to Los Angeles. He wrote and directed one film, Vulgar , for View Askew. He worked briefly at the Los Angeles branch of Smiths comic book store, Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash. He became cohost of the Tell Em SteveDave podcast with friend Walt Flanagan and Brian Quinn. He also has costarred on the AMC reality series Comic Book Men since 2012.

Bryan Lee Johnson was born in Highlands, New Jersey. Johnson attended Highlands Elementary School there and Henry Hudson Regional High School, graduating in the mid 1980s.

Source: Wikipedia