Children of the Corn: Revelation

Children of the Corn Revelation also known as Children of the Corn VII is a 2001 Canadian horror film directed by Guy Magar, and starring Claudette Mink, Michael Ironside, and Crystal Lowe. It is the seventh installment of the Children of the Corn series. The plot follows a woman who travels to Omaha, Nebraska in search of her grandmother, and finds her apartment building to be overrun with mysterious children who seem to be emerging from the adjacent corn field. The film was released directtoDVD in 2001.

Jamie questions the building manager, Jerry, who is of no help. Jamie investigates in the basement and finds a crop of carrots and tomatoes. She flees when she hears a group of children laughing. She runs into a man with a gun, who tells her to keep out of the basement. She later meets two more tenants, an old man in a wheelchair who swears at everyone and a young woman named Tiffany Crystal Lowe, a stripper. Jerry invites Jamie to a BBQ on the roof, she agrees. On the roof, Jerry takes a bite of corn and discovers there is blood inside. He is then shoved off the roof by the two children. When Jamie arrives, he is nowhere to be found, and she sees the priest watching her from the ground.Jamie has a nightmare in which her grandmother was lured from her house by a strange voice to railroad tracks. The next day, Jamie goes to see Det. Armbrister who reveals Jamies grandmother was part of a religious cult when she was a child. The kids, who were led by a boypreacher named Abel, committed suicide by entering a tent and setting it ablaze. Only Jamies grandmother survived. Jamies grandmothers apartment is built upon the site of the fire. This is ironic, because Jamies parents were killed in a house fire. ........

Source: Wikipedia