Dominique Othenin Girard

Dominique OtheninGirard is a SwissFrench film director, producer and screenwriter. He is known for films such as HalloweenThe Revenge of Michael Myers, The Crusaders and After Darkness which was nominated for a Golden Bear Award. OtheninGirard is also active in promoting awareness for Down syndrome.

Dominique OtheninGirard was born in 1958 in Le Locle, Neuchtel, Switzerland, to French painter Ivan OtheninGirard and Sonia Calame. His early years were spent traveling to lands that were in culturally different from his native Switzerland first for an extended stay in Greece and then to live in Iran where his father established the Fine Arts Program in Tehran. Atyears old he returned to Switzerland with his mother, brother and sister, where he remained until going to the United States as an exchange student when he wasyears old. He began studying photography and was accepted at the London Film School.

Source: Wikipedia