Ekiben (film)

Ekiben Japanese ? is a 1999 Japanese mock documentary film centering on the adult video AV industry which was written and directed by Shungo Kaji. Ekiben refers to a box lunch sold at train stations in Japan and it is also a slang term referring to a sexual position where the man remains standing while supporting the woman who faces him with her legs wrapped around his waist. This position is the specialty of the adult video actor Chocoball Mukai who appears in the film.

The critic for Variety says the film could, with judicious editing and marketing, have a brief specialized career. He calls it inventive and funny, well acted and observed and he finds Kajis aspiration to be taken seriously as a director touching with a curiously melancholic style of humor. The AllRovi entry describes it as a funny and oddly poignant film.Ekiben was released theatrically in Japan as an R15 film on October 9, 1999, by Hot Entertainment. The film was screened in February 2000 at the Berlin International Film Market part of the Berlin International Film Festival and in March 2000 at the NatFilm Festival in Denmark. It was released in DVD format in Japan on January 15, 2002. ........

Source: Wikipedia