El Lute: Run for Your Life

El Lute Run for Your Life Spanish El Lute camina o revienta is a 1987 Spanish film written and directed by Vicente Aranda, based on the memoirs of Eleuterio Snchez, El Lute, a young convicted murderer who became legendary in Spain for his jail escape in the 1960s. It stars Imanol Arias and Victoria Abril. The film was a hit in Spain and made a big star of his leading actor. It was nominated to four Goya Awards Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress and it is considered among the best Spanish films of the 1980s.

In Spain of the 1960s, a poor family of quinquis mercheros, a nomadic ethnic group with a tradition as old as that of the gitanos gypsies of Spain and of obscure origins, live as poor nomads. They craft tin goods and repair metal. The son, Eleuterio Snchez Rodriguez, nicknamed El Lute, steals some chickens and is condemned to six months in jail.El Lute moves to the slum outskirts of Madrid with his commonlaw wife, Chelo. He starts an itinerant life as a peddler of pots and pans, and they live with their infant daughter in a quinqui shantytown. He gradually embarks upon as life of petty criminality. He participates in the robbery of a jewelry store, during which a guard is killed. ........

Source: Wikipedia