Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet aka Fatal Planet is a 1956 American science fiction film from MGM, produced by Nicholas Nayfack, directed by Fred M. Wilcox and starring Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Stevens, Jack Kelly, and Robby the Robot. Forbidden Planet is the first science fiction film in which humans are depicted traveling in a fasterthanlight starship of their own creation. It was also the first science fiction film set entirely on another world in interstellar space, far away from planet Earth. Forbidden Planet is considered one of the great science fiction films of the 1950s, a precursor of what was to come for the science fiction film genre in the decades that followed. The characters and isolated setting have been compared to those in William Shakespeares The Tempest. Its plot contains certain story analogues to the play. There is also a reference to one section of Carl Jungs theory of the collective unconscious.

On arrival, Adams, Lieutenant Jerry Farman Jack Kelly, and Lieutenant Doc Ostrow Warren Stevens are met by Robby the Robot, who transports them to Morbiuss home. There, Morbius says that an unknown planetary force killed nearly everyone and finally vaporized their starship, Bellerophon, as the survivors tried to lift it off. Only Morbius, his wife who later died of natural causes, and their daughter Altaira Anne Francis were somehow immune. Morbius now fears the Earth men are in danger. Altaira, having only known her father, becomes attracted to several of the officers, and a love triangle forms between Adams, her, and Farman.The next night, equipment aboard the starship is sabotaged by an invisible intruder. Adams and Ostrow confront Morbius the following morning. They learn he has been studying the Krell, a highly advanced native race that mysteriously died out suddenly 200,000 years before. In a Krell laboratory Morbius shows Adams and Ostrow a device he calls a plastic educator, capable of measuring and enhancing intellectual capacity. When Morbius first used this machine, he barely survived but discovered his intellect had been permanently doubled, enabling him, along with information from a stored Krell library, to build Robby and the other technological marvels in his home. Morbius then takes them on a tour of a vast cubeshaped underground Krell machine complex,miles 30km on a side, still functioning and powered by 9,200 thermonuclear reactors. Afterwards, Adams demands that the Krells knowledge be turned over for Earth supervision. Morbius refuses, citing the potential danger that Krell technology poses if it were to fall into human hands prematurely. ........

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