Friends with Money

Friends with Money is a 2006 dramedy film written and directed by Nicole Holofcener. It opened the 2006 Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2006 and went into limited release in North America on April 7, 2006.

While the disparity in financial situations between Olivia and her friends creates some friction, each woman is facing her own individual struggles. Olivia cant seem to find love or money and resorts to questionable tactics to satisfy both. Frannys inheritance sometimes causes tension between her and her accountant husband, who likes to spend it. Christines marriage is falling apart because she and her husband cant communicate effectively. Finally, Jane is becoming increasingly unpleasant to be around, possibly because of perimenopause and her husbands sexual ambiguity. Together, these women attend charity benefits, have lunch, lean on each other, and wade their way through life.In its opening weekend in wide release, the film grossed a total of 4.96 million, ranking tenth at the North American box office, this soon became 13,367,101 domestically and 18,245,244 worldwide even though it received a limited release in most weeks under 600 screens. ........

Source: Wikipedia