G%C3%A9raldine Baz%C3%A1n

Rosalba Graldine Bazn Ortz is a Mexican actress, singer, and anchorwoman currently living in Miami. Shes part of Women Fair, Amigos for Kids activities, Latin Book Festivals, in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, In her spare time Geraldine likes to support causes such as the Televisa and TV Azteca Foundations, Movimiento Azteca, Telethon in Mexico, Panama, and Guatemala. She supports U.S. social and charity organizations and foundations in the areas of the homeless, discrimination, cancer, the Special Olympics, AIDS, and Celebrity Run 5k.

Graldine was born in Mexico City, Mexico to Rosalba Ortiz Cabrera, her father, Manuel Antonio Bazan is an entrepreneur living in Southern California.Her brother is Angel Claude, who is also an actor.

Source: Wikipedia