Gunday English Outlaws or Goons is a 2014 Indian action crime thriller film written and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and produced by Aditya Chopra. The film features Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles with Irrfan Khan in a supporting role. The film starts off in the 1970s, with a young Bikram and Bala, who become gun carriers and coal bandits. They ultimately grow up to become the most powerful goons of Calcutta. The film was released onFebruary 2014.

The film opens with the historic independence of Bangladesh and after the third IndoPakistani War of 1971. Starving, two kids named Bikram and Bala are taken in by a man named Lateef Pankaj Tripathi, who offers them to work for him, and illegally smuggle guns to other men. He cares for them until one day an army officer that they give guns to, tells Lateef to leave one of the two boys behind to work as his child sex slave or otherwise hell take Lateefs daughter. Bikram hears this and tells Lateef that hell stay behind in order to save Bala, his friend. Bala then comes back to save Bikram and kills the army officer. The two boys then run away, as Lateef is killed by the police.They arrive at Kolkata by train and start their livelihood by working at a small restaurant. Bala gets into a fight with the owner who slaps him, scolds him and calls him a refugee. They start looting coal from trains and selling it in the market for a lower price. Then Bala slaps the owner of restaurant and warns him not to illtreat children. As they grow up, Bikram Ranveer Singh and Bala Arjun Kapoor have started looting whole coal trains. In this process, they kill famous coal trader Divakar Deepraj Rana, who calls them refugees and does illegal coal trades. But their hearts always yearn for their own good life and identity in India, with the boys believing they are Indians. On their journey from gun couriers to coal bandits and new businessmen, they convert all their illegal trades to legal business with the help of Kali Kaka Saurabh Shukla, they become town heroes, building schools and hospitals. They also provide work and help to the poor, thus becoming white collared and good hearted persons but is targeted by a law as Gunday. A.C.P. Satyajeet Sarkar Irrfan Khan who is now summoned to Kolkata to catch Bikram and Bala, however, with the brothers successful in covering their tracks, Sarkar warns them that he will arrest them the day he finds a single piece of evidence against them. ......

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