Here We Go Again (film)

Here We Go Again is a 1942 American film, a sequel to Look Whos Laughing. Fibber McGee and Mollys second honeymoon goes awry.

Meanwhile, Bergen and Charlie have been asked by an institute to find a rare silkspinning moth. During a search, they are met by Gildersleeves sister, Jean Ginny Simms, and her troop of girl guides. Bergen successfully finds a specimen and rushes back to the lodge to phone the institute, leaving Charlie to flirt with the girls.At the McGees party that night, Fibber arranged for bandleader Ray Noble to provide the musical accompaniment. Charlie continues romancing the girl guides and Fibber talks to Bergen about Cadwaladers scheme. Bergen agrees to write Fibber a check on the condition that it not be cashed until he has a chance to investigate Cadwalader. As soon as Bergen leaves, however, Cadwalader snatches the check out of Fibbers hands. As the party progresses, Abigail Uppington, dressed as an Indian, begins to recite The Song of Hiawatha. Bergen notices a branch Uppington has clutched in her hand. It is covered with silkworm cocoons. Bergen asked where to find those branches he is directed by puppet Mortimer Snerd, to an Indian reservation. ........

Source: Wikipedia