Hero (1992 film)

Hero released in the United Kingdom and Ireland as Accidental Hero is a 1992 American comedy drama film directed by Stephen Frears. It was written by David Webb Peoples from a story written by Peoples, Laura Ziskin and Alvin Sargent. The film stars Dustin Hoffman, Geena Davis, Andy Garca, Joan Cusack and an uncredited Chevy Chase. Following the critically acclaimed The Grifters 1990, Hero was the second American feature film by British filmmaker Frears.

TV reporter Gale Gayley, one of the crash survivors, considers herself to be in Bubbers debt and soon grooms his public image. He turns out to be a decent person, using his notoriety and reward money to help the homeless and sick children. She finds herself falling in love with him even though she has questions about his authenticity, and he finds himself in an ethical dilemma since his lies are inspirational to countless people. Meanwhile, Bernie continues to aggravate exwife Evelyn and fails to bond with his son, who is now enamored with the hero Bubber. Bernie begins to feel that if his son is going to idolize anyone, perhaps Bubber is the better choice.A detective tells Gale her credit cards were recovered during Bernies arrest. Gale and her cameraman, Chucky, break into Bernies apartment with the help of the landlord, Winston. While searching for evidence to incriminate Bernie, Gale finds a stolen Silver Microphone Award that she won in New York City, the night before the crash. Bernie arrives only to be confronted by Gale, who concludes that Bubber stole her purse in a moment of weakness during the rescue, sold it to Bernie, and accuses Bernie of attempting to now blackmail Bubber. They are interrupted by Winston, who says Bubber is on television, about to jump from a highrise skyscraper. Gale rushes there and brings Bernie along, threatening to have Bernie prosecuted if Bubber leaps to his death. In addition, she demands Bernie apologize for the attempted blackmail. Bernies wife and son rush there as well, with Evelyn reminiscing how Bernie is selfish and cynical, but always becomes a great human being in a crisis. ........

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