Hiroyuki Sanada

Hiroyuki Sanada, MBE on October 12, 1960 is a Japanese actor.

Sanada was born in Tokyo. Originally planning to be an action star, he studied Shorinji Kempo and later took up Kyokushin kaikan. Sanada began training at the age ofwith actor and martial arts star Sonny Chibas Japan Action Club, where he developed good allround martial arts ability, and soon became Chibas protg. Sanadas martial arts film career introduced him to Michelle Yeoh, with whom he later starred in Danny Boyles Sunshine. He has a longstanding friendship with Jackie Chan, although he did not star in a film with him before Rush Hourin 2007. Sanada was often credited in his younger days as Henry, Harry, or Duke Sanada.

Source: Wikipedia