Ice Princess

Ice Princess is a 2005 American figureskating film directed by Tim Fywell, written by Hadley Davis from a story by Meg Cabot and Davis, and starring Michelle Trachtenberg, Joan Cusack, Kim Cattrall and Hayden Panettiere. The film focuses on Casey Carlyle, a normal teenager who gives up a promising future academic life in order to pursue her newfound dream of being a professional figure skater. The film was released on March 18, 2005. Ice Princess had an unsuccessful performance at the box office, grossingmillion in the United States during its theatrical run against a production budget ofmillion.

She becomes proficient and skips two levels to become a junior skater. She helps junior skaters Gennifer Gen Harwood Hayden Panettiere, Tiffany Lai Jocelyn Lai, and Nikki Fletcher Kirsten Olson improve their skating. Torn between her Harvard dream and her growing love of skating, Casey has difficulty juggling schoolwork, skating, and a parttime job. Joan Carlyle Joan Cusack, Caseys mother, attempts to prevent Casey from skating due to her declining academic performance. Meanwhile, tension arises between Caseys coach Tina Harwood Kim Cattrall, a disgraced former skater and Gens mother.Tina, who manages the rink where Casey trains, has Gen on a strict training program. During a competition where both Casey and Gen compete, Tina sees that Casey may outrank Gen, and attempts to sabotage Caseys performance by switching her skates. Upset at this, and frustrated by all the restrictions of training, Gen quits. Casey declines the Harvard scholarship competition to devote herself to skating to her mothers dismay. Casey asks Tina to be her personal coach and help her train for sectionals. Her mother, upset at this change of direction in her life, refuses to watch her skate. ........

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