Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a 1984 American actionadventure film directed by Steven Spielberg. It is the second installment in the Indiana Jones franchise and a prequel to the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, featuring Harrison Ford reprising his role as the title character. After arriving in North India, Indiana Jones is asked by desperate villagers to find a mystical stone and rescue their children from a Thuggee cult practicing child slavery, black magic, and ritual human sacrifice in honor of the goddess Kali.

In 1935, Indiana Jones Harrison Ford narrowly escapes the clutches of Lao Che Roy Chiao, a crime boss in Shanghai in the Republic of China. With his 11yearold Chinese sidekick, Short Round Jonathan Ke Quan and the nightclub singer Willie Scott Kate Capshaw in tow, Indy flees Shanghai on an airplane that, unknown to them, is owned by Lao. While the three of them sleep on the plane, the pilots parachute out, and they leave the plane to crash over the Himalayas while dumping its fuel. Indy, Shorty, and Willie discover this and narrowly manage to escape by jumping out of the plane on an inflatable raft, and then riding down the slopes into a raging river. They come to Mayapore, a desolate village in northern India, where the poor villagers believe them to have been sent by the Hindu god Shiva and enlist their help to retrieve the sacred Sivalinga stone stolen from their shrine, as well as the communitys children, from evil forces in the nearby Pankot Palace. During the journey to Pankot, Indy hypothesizes that the stone may be one of the five fabled Sankara stones that promise fortune and glory.The trio receive a warm welcome from the Prime Minister of Pankot Palace, Chattar Lal Roshan Seth. The visitors are allowed to stay the night as guests, during which they attend a lavish but grotesque banquet given by the young Maharajah, Zalim Singh Raj Singh. Chattar Lal rebuffs Indys questions about the villagers claims and his theory that the ancient Thuggee cult is responsible for their troubles. Later that night, Indy is attacked by an assassin, leading Indy, Willie, and Shorty to believe that something is amiss. They discover a series of tunnels hidden behind a statue in Willies room and set out to explore them, overcoming a number of boobytraps along the way. ........

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