Kiss or Kill (film)

Kiss or Kill is a 1997 Australian thriller about two lovers and fugitives from the law who are pursued across the Australian Outback. The film was written and directed by Bill Bennett, and stars Frances OConnor and Matt Day.

Kiss or Kill opens with a woman off camera explaining how she has difficulty trusting people, especially men, because of things she saw when she was young. This comment introduces a prologue in which a little girl watches helplessly as a man, presumably her father, appears at the door, douses her mother with petrol and sets her alight.The young girl, now a woman in her twenties, is Nikki Davies Frances OConnor. Nikki and her boyfriend, Al Fletcher Matt Day, are smalltime criminals who target married businessmen. Nikki picks up a charmless patent attorney in a bar and accompanies him back to his room where she slips something in his drink. The man passes out, Nikki lets Al into the room and they begin casing it for valuables. ........

Source: Wikipedia