Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

Kit Kittredge An American Girl also advertised as Kit Kittredge An American Girl Mystery is a 2008 American comedydrama film directed by Patricia Rozema. The screenplay by Ann Peacock based on the Kit Kittredge stories by Valerie Tripp focuses on the American Girl character Kit Kittredge, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio during the Great Depression. The film is the first and only in the American Girl film series to have a theatrical release the first three were television movies. Julia Roberts served as one of the executive producers here as she did with the TV movies.

Locally there have been reports of muggings and robberies supposedly committed by hobos. Kit investigates and meets young Will and Countee, who live in a hobo jungle near the Ohio River and Erie Lackawanna Railway. Kit writes a story about the camp and tries to sell it to Mr. Gibson, the mean editor of the Cincinnati newspaper, but he has no interest in the subject. She adopts a dog, her mother buys chickens, and Kit sells their eggs.Then a locked box containing her mothers treasures is stolen, and a footprint with a star matching the one on Wills boot is discovered, making him the prime suspect. The sheriff goes to find Will and Countee. However, Will and Countee have left the hobo jungle. Kit, Stirling and Ruthie then set out to investigate on the incidents and clear Wills name. It then turns out that Mr. Berk, along with his assistant Frederich, were actually the ones behind the robberies, framing Will and the rest of the hobos for the crime. Kit then becomes a local hero. They found out that Countee has been pretending to be a boy. On Thanksgiving the hobos bring food to Kits mother and Kits father returns home. Mr. Gibson arrives to show Kit that she is in print in Cincinnatis major daily newspaper. ........

Source: Wikipedia