LD 50 Lethal Dose

LD 50 Lethal Dose aka Lethal Dose or LD50 is a 2003 horror film directed by Simon De Selva, produced by Alistair MacLeanClark and Basil Stephens and written by Matthew McGuchan. A group of animal rights activists set off to free an imprisoned colleague from a terrifying ordeal but their rescue mission turns into a series of twisted and mind bending incidents. Starring Tom Hardy, Katharine Towne and Melanie Brown.

The group, still stricken by guilt one year later, eagerly reunites to rescue Gary. They also pick up two new recruits a stoner and an exMarine. At the remote lab where Gary is being kept, the group discovers the place abandoned, and soon finds themselves locked in a subterranean level full of labyrinth hallways and experiment chambers. They also discover that a powerful electrical force is stalking them, and it has full control of the complex. The force plays havoc with the wouldbe rescuers, turning their righteous cause into a death trap. They must work together to outsmart and defeat the unseen evil.Filmed on location in London, England and Isle of Man. Filming started on October 27, 2002 and went until January 31, 2003. ........

Source: Wikipedia