Le Donk & Scor zay zee

Le Donk amp Scorzayzee is a 2009 British mock musical documentary film written and directed by Shane Meadows. It follows the fictional character of Le Donk, played by Paddy Considine, a roadie working for Arctic Monkeys, and Scorzayzee, a young rapper playing himself.

Aging, failed musician and roadie Le Donk is introduced to a fly on the wall documentary film crew, including real life director Meadows, at his Nottingham home. Scorzayzee is an aspiring rapper who Le Donk is mentoring. Le Donk and the film crew visit the home of his former girlfriend Olivia Olivia Colman, who is pregnant with Le Donks child. Le Donk becomes irate when he learns Olivias new boyfriend is to be her birth partner.Le Donk, Scorzayzee, Meadows, and the film crew drive to Manchester in a Bedford Rascal, where Le Donk has been hired to assist at Arctical Monkeys gig at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. Le Donk intends to use his contacts to attain a supporting slot for Scorzayzee. Leaving the seeminglyhapless Scorzayaee to practice on his new electronic keyboard, Le Donk goes backstage and speaks to Arctic Monkeys guitar tech Nigel Big Nige Reeks. Scorzayzee, unable to operate or even poweron the keyboard, wanders through the cricket ground, eventually ending up on the stage, which Le Donk has left. Big Nige helps Scorzayzee hook up the keyboard to the sound system and shows him how to get some beats. Scorzayzee then freestyles, impressing those present. A short time later, Le Donk confirms that a short support slot has been granted. After this, it is revealed that Le Donk is to accompany Scorzayzee, playing the obviously automated loops on the keyboard and singing in between Scorzayzees rap verses. ........

Source: Wikipedia