Mariana Ximenes

Mariana Ximenes do Prado Nuzzi is a Brazilian actress. Her first role was in the telenovela Fascinao in 1998 where she portrayed the role of Emlia Gouveia. In the same year she played the role of Ruth Stern in the film Caminho dos Sonhos. In 2000, she played in UgaUga portraying Bionda. This role rise to prominence as she became widely known in Brazil and internationally. Later in 2001, she offered her services in the Portuguese voice over translation in the CanadianChinese animated series Braceface, for the character Sharon Spitz. She later played the protagonist in Cobras amp Lagartos in 2006 and Lara in A Favorita, later in 2008. In 2010, she portrayed her first villainous role in the critically acclaimed telenovela Passione. Since 2010 she has appeared in several telenovelas, television series, films and theatre performances. In 2016, she is slated to star in the successor of Totalmente Demais, Haja Corao, together with Malvino Salvador.

Mariana Ximenes do Prado Nuzzi was born in So Paulo onApril 1981 and grew up in Vila Mariana, a neighborhood in So Paulo.

Source: Wikipedia