Meet Dave

Meet Dave is a 2008 American science fiction family comedy film directed by Brian Robbins and starring Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms, Scott Caan and Kevin Hart. The film was produced by Jon Berg, David T. Friendly and Todd Komarnicki, coproduced by Deep River Productions, Dune Entertainment, Friendly Films and Guy Walks Into a Bar Productions with music by John Debney and written by Bill Corbett and Rob Greenberg.

In his New York City apartment, a young boy named Josh Morrison Austyn Lind Myers stares through his telescope at an object falling from the sky. It is a golfballsized metal ball which flies through the window and lands in his fishbowl, quickly draining the water along with the goldfish. He decides to show it at his schools science class presentation.Some months later a massive fireball crashes into the water near Liberty Island. It is revealed to be a spaceship which resembles a human Eddie Murphy, controlled by 100 tiny humanoid aliens. Its Captain also played by Murphy pilots the spaceship from the command deck located in its head, with the help of his secondincommand NumberEd Helms, and researcher NumberGabrielle Union. The spaceship looks very human, but the aliens dont know how to act in society and the ship displays numerous superpowers. A superstitious cop named Dooley Scott Caan desperately searches for the alien. ........

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