Nasri (musician)

Nasri Tony Atweh , also known as Nasri, is a Canadian singer, songwriter and music producer, now based in Los Angeles. He was a solo singer with a number of singles before becoming the lead singer of the reggae fusion band Magic . Magics single Rude became a major international hit for the band. Nasri Atweh is also a renowned songwriter and producer, one half of the songwriting and production duo The Messengers. He and Adam Messinger have a string of hits for wellknown artists.

Nasri was born and raised in Toronto, a child of Palestinian immigrants, and began singing at the age of six. He studied at Senator OConnor College School, and while attending, was part of the school choir as well as extracurricular sports. He graduated in 1999. His yearbook ambition was to be where the music lives. At 19, the Toronto native walked into his local radio station, with a demo in hand, eager to launch his career as an artist. He then landed a deal with Universal Canada and two successful singles as an RampB singer. In 2002, he won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest with a song he wrote with Adam Messinger.

Source: Wikipedia