Pete Docter

Peter Hans Pete Docter is an American film director, animator, screenwriter, producer and voice actor from Bloomington, Minnesota. He is best known for directing the animated feature films Monsters, Inc. , Up and Inside Out and as a key figure and collaborator in Pixar Animation Studios. The A. V. Club has called him almost universally successful. He has been nominated for eight Oscars , three Annie Awards , a BAFTA Childrens Film Award , and a Hochi Film Award . He has described himself as a geeky kid from Minnesota who likes to draw cartoons.

Docter was born in Bloomington, Minnesota, the son of Rita Margaret and David Reinhardt Docter. His mothers family is DanishAmerican. He grew up introverted and socially isolated, preferring to work alone and having to remind himself to connect with others. He often played in the creek beside his house, pretending to be Indiana Jones and acting out scenes. A juniorhigh classmate later described him as this kid who was really tall, but who was kind of awkward, maybe getting picked on by the school bullies because his voice change at puberty was very rough.

Source: Wikipedia