Phileine Says Sorry

Phileine Says Sorry Dutch Phileine zegt sorry is a DutchAmerican 2003 comedydrama film directed by Robert Jan Westdijk. It is based on the novel Phileine zegt sorry by Ronald Giphart.

Max cant make it to diner because his rehearsal runs out. Phileine spends that night with the friends of Max. Together with Gulpje she sturs the group around because they both like to joke around at the expense of others.On day two, Phileine attends the premiere of Romeo and Juliet. The play shows the sexual side of society, so its played naked and shows sex and masturbation scenes. Part of the audience is so shocked that after the break they call out their displeasure and leave the theater. Phileine is astonished but remains still in her seat until the end. ........

Source: Wikipedia