Prem Aamar

Prem Aamar is a 2009 action,drama Bengali film directed by Raj Chakraborty. This film starring Soham Chakraborty and Payal Sarkar with lead roles. The film is a remake of Tamil film 7G Rainbow Colony it is also dubbed in telugu and Oriya .It was released onOctober 2009.

Rabis life changes when a family comes in their colony below Rabis house. Rabi finds that the family has a beautiful girl, Riya Payal and is attracted to her gradually. Rabi tries to garner her attention but Riya has a poor opinion on him after watching his antics like creating trouble in a cinema, interrupting her performance during a colony gettogether.They continue arguing as they exit the guesthouse. Upon crossing the road, Riya is knocked down by a truck, even as a helpless Rabi watches the horrible accident right before his eyes. Rabi is also hit by a speeding vehicle while running towards the scene. The scene shifts to the hospital where everyone is mourning Riyas demise and a badly wounded Rabi tries to get a glimpse of his lady love even as he is stopped by his friend Kamdev. Rabi goes to the morgue and finds Riyas dead body. ........

Source: Wikipedia