Punchline (film)

Punchline is a 1988 American comedy film written and directed by David Seltzer and stars Tom Hanks as a talented young comic who helps a housewife, played by Sally Field who wants to break into standup comedy.

At first, he doesnt give Lilah the time of day but slowly they bond and he teaches her the fundamentals of standup comedy. All you need is the right gags, Steven tells her, and hes right. Once Lilah has some decent material, she discovers her natural gift of making people laugh. An uneasy friendship develops between the two and the personal conflicts they must resolve Stevens desire to make it big vs. his inability to do so and Lilahs love of comedy vs. her love for her family.Steven also develops a romantic attraction to Lilah, which she rejects. Steven expresses his anger and frustration by performing a sarcastic rendition of Gene Kellys famous dance routine from Singin in the Rain. ........

Source: Wikipedia