Red Tails

Red Tails is a 2012 American war film directed by Anthony Hemingway in his feature film directorial debut, and starring Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding, Jr. The film is about the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of AfricanAmerican United States Army Air Forces USAAF servicemen during World War II. The characters in the film are fictional, although based on real individuals. The film was produced by Lucasfilm and released by 20th Century Fox.

Meanwhile, Bullard secures a chance to light up the board when the Tuskegee Airmen are chosen to support the Allied landings at Anzio, Italy known as Operation Shingle. There, they battle Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters led by a German ace pilot they nickname Pretty Boy. During their first victory, Ray Gun is injured and suffers impaired vision in one eye. Easy reluctantly allows Ray Gun to continue flying.Impressed with the Tuskegee Airmens performance, the USAAF Bomber Command ask Bullard to use his fighters as escorts for Boeing B17 Flying Fortress bombers because of unacceptably high casualties among bomber crews. Bullard accepts on the condition his unit be supplied with the new North American P51 Mustang. N The tails of the aircraft are painted bright red and become the unofficial name of the outfit. Noting the reckless aggression of previous escort fights, Bullard orders his pilots to stay with the bombers at all costs. Their first escort mission is a success, and the 332nd downs multiple Luftwaffe aircraft without the loss of a single bomber. However, Ray Gun is shot down and captured, while Deke crash lands and nearly dies. ........

Source: Wikipedia