Runaway Bride (1999 film)

Runaway Bride is a 1999 American romantic comedy film directed by Garry Marshall, and stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The screenplay was written by Josann McGibbon, Sara Parriott and Audrey Wells.

Meanwhile, in New York, columnist Homer Eisenhower Graham or Ike Richard Gere, writes an article about her that contains several factual errors, supplied to him by a man he meets in a bar who Ike later learns was one of Maggies former fiancs. Ike is fired for not verifying his source, but is invited to write an indepth article about Maggie in a bid to restore his reputation. He travels to Hale, Maryland, where he finds Maggie living with her family and on her fourth attempt to become married. The fourth groomtobe, Bob Kelly Christopher Meloni, is a football coach at the local high school who is fond of using sports analogies to help Maggie with her concerns. He constantly makes references to Maggie focusing on the goalline in reference to their pending nuptials. As Ike starts going around town to meet her friends, family, and former fiancs, Maggie becomes frustrated and feels he is getting the story wrong again.Ike begins to cooperate with Maggie on the story, Maggie being interested in getting him to publish the truth, and the two become closer to each other the more time they spend together. During his research for the story, Ike realizes that Maggie is adjusting her interests to mimic those of her fiancs in order to please them. This is signified most prominently by her choice of eggs, which changes with each fianc. At a prewedding celebration for her and Bob, Ike defends Maggie from the public mockery she starts receiving from her family and guests, and Maggie walks outside due to the embarrassment. Ike then confronts Maggie outside about his realization regarding her relationships. ........

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