See Anthony Run

See Anthony Run alternate title The Sleepover is a 2005 short film cowritten and directed by Matthew Piacentini, a production assistant on the 19932005 ABC police drama NYPD Blue. It starred Cody Estes as a shy 10yearold boy forced to into a sleepover with a school bully, played by Rhett Damon. Jennette McCurdy plays Lucy, the bullys older sister.

For the most part, Craig is persistently hostile towards Anthony. His mother spends time preparing unappetizing meals that are supposed to be healthy, such as homemade tofu squares, fish heads, and spring garden loaf. On some occasions it seems that Craig is ready to become more friendly towards him when they find a shared interest in toys, video games, slime, etcetera, but then resumes his hostility.Anthonys older brother John, is a burnout who spends time with his idiotic girlfriend Jill, and his friends who are plotting to steal a parking meter and break into it for the money, presumably for drugs. Background music during his scenes consist of classic rock from Steely Dan, Jethro Tull, Blue yster Cult and The Grateful Dead. When Anthony tries to call him to come and pick him up, he refuses believing that his little brother should learn to be more sociable. ........

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