Small Fry (film)

Toy Story Toons Small Fry is a 2011 Pixar computer animated short directed by Angus MacLane. It premiered with the theatrical release of The Muppets on November 23, 2011. Small Fry is the second short in the Toy Story Toons series, based on the characters from the Toy Story feature films. The short involves Buzz getting trapped at a fast food restaurant, where there is a support group for discarded kids meal toys from over the years, with a kids meal toy version of Buzz taking his place.

Meanwhile, the real Buzz is stuck at the restaurant, trying to escape. He crawls through the venting system, but suddenly falls into a storage room where a fast foodtoy support group is being held, led by Queen Neptuna and consisting of TBone, DJ BluJay, Lizard Wizard, Bozu the Ninja Clown, Vlad the Engineer, Gary Grappling Hook, TaeKwon Doe, Super Pirate, Beef Stewardess, Nervous SysTim, Ghost Burger, Koala Kopter, Roxy Boxy, Recycle Ben, Funky Monk, Condorman, Franklin, and PizzaBot. The support group thinks Buzz is just another rejected toy and Neptuna obligates him to take part. Forced to engage in a roleplaying group exercise, he finally escapes by using Gary Grappling Hook, much to the abandoned toys dismay.Back at Bonnies house, the gang restrains MiniBuzz and forces him to give up the real Buzzs whereabouts. They begin devising a rescue plan when the real Buzz returns. MiniBuzz is brought into the support group mentioning about what he has done with Buzz now volunteering as his sponsor. ........

Source: Wikipedia