Super Capers

Super Capers The Origins of Ed and the Missing Bullion is a 2009 action comedy film and a parody of superhero movies, written and directed by Ray Griggs who also starred as one of the misfit superheroes.

Ed Gruberman is also the name of the impatient student from the skit Ti Kwan Leap skit by The Frantics.The story begins with a woman Christine Lakin in a red outfit being followed through a dark alleyway by a mysterious man who clearly has criminal intent. As she corners herself in a dead end, Ed Gruberman Justin Whalin arrives to save the day. The woman, calling herself simply Red reveals to both of the men that she has super powers, disabling the robber whom Ed strikes with a 2x4, sending him through the window of a law office. Red kisses Gruberman passionately before disappearing into the night, and he is left standing as the police come to arrest him. ........

Source: Wikipedia