Surrender (1987 film)

Surrender is a 1987 comedy feature film that was written and directed by Jerry Belson. It stars Sally Field, Michael Caine, Steve Guttenberg and Iman.

Daisy is in a rather rocky relationship with Marty, a whiny, unstable lawyer who is afraid to make a commitment. Sean does not know she already has a welloff boyfriend, but he decides to play a little trick to win her. With the help of his lawyer, Jay Bass, he pretends to be a poor failure to see if Daisy will love him for himself. As their relationship develops, Sean ultimately decides to reveal his true self. But on that very day, Marty persuades Daisy that he is a changed man and that they should live together in his home. Sean is heartbroken.On moving day, Daisy accidentally sees a newspaper clipping that reveals Seans true identity. She demands an explanation, which she accepts, telling him she realized that he is who she truly loves. However, he wonders if she only decided this after reading the article about his success and seeing his Beverly Hills home. She lies. ........

Source: Wikipedia