Tarzan and His Mate

Tarzan and His Mate is a 1934 American PreCode action adventure film based on characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was the second in the Tarzan film series to star Johnny Weissmuller. In 2003, the United States Library of Congress deemed the film culturally, historically or aesthetically significant and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry.

When Tarzan learns that the two men wish to loot the elephants graveyard, he will have nothing to do with it so Martin shoots an elephant so it can act as an instinctive guide. Only Janes intervention keeps Tarzan from murdering Martin. But Martins attempt to remove the ivory is thwarted when Tarzan appears with a herd of elephants. Martin feigns repentance, and promises to leave the next day without the ivory.Early the next morning, Martin attempts to kill Tarzan, and Jane thinking him dead, decides to return to civilization. Meanwhile, Cheeta and his ape friends nurse Tarzan back to health in time for him to stop the men who shot him. But they are attacked by lion men, who summon lions to help them kill the members of the safari. Both Martin and Holt lose their lives through lion attacks, and Jane is in danger from lions. Then, Tarzan and an army of apes and elephants arrive in time to rout both the lion men and the lions, after which they return the ivory to the elephants graveyard. ........

Source: Wikipedia