The Best of Everything (1959 film)

The Best of Everything is a 1959 romantic drama film released by 20th CenturyFox, and starring Hope Lange, Diane Baker, Suzy Parker, Stephen Boyd, Louis Jourdan, Robert Evans, and Joan Crawford. The movie relates the professional careers and private lives of three women who share a small apartment in New York City and work together in a paperback publishing firm.

Caroline Bender Lange is an ambitious young secretary in a publishing firm who, when jilted, finds consolation in the arms of editor Mike Rice Boyd. Gregg Adams Parker is a typist and an aspiring actress romantically involved with stage director David Savage Jourdan. When the director dumps her, she is devastated, falls from a fire escape while lurking outside his apartment, and dies.April Morrison Baker winds up pregnant, and jumps from a car when her unborn infants father, Dexter Key Evans, refuses to marry her and urges an abortion. ........

Source: Wikipedia