The Good Soldier (2009 film)

The Good Soldier is a 2009 documentary film directed and produced by American filmmakers Lexy Lovell and Michael Uys. Using interviews with five veterans from different generations of American wars, the film explores the definition of what being a good soldier really means.

The filmmakers follow the journey of five American veterans from World War II, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the Iraq War as they sign up, participate in battle and finally change their perspective about the real meaning of war and being a good soldier. At the end, The Good Soldier poses the question What is it that makes a good soldier? Is it the ability to kill other human beings? The film is composed of candid interviews with the veterans, who marched eagerly to defend their country in 1944, 1966, 1991, or 2003 only to return conflicted by the atrocities they saw and participated in, and questioning what true service to your country really means, The juxtaposition of these searing interviews with jarring ontheground archival footage exposes the brutality of combat, and honors the bravery not only of those who fight, but those who fight for change. In ultimately choosing to work for peace in the world, the heroes profiled in this film, have begun to take steps towards peace with themselves as well.Two songs by JJ Grey and Mofro were used and original music was composed for the film by JJ Grey. Additional songs by Nine Inch Nails, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Edwin Starr, and Big Bill Broonzy were used. ........

Source: Wikipedia