The Last Shot

The Last Shot is a 2004 comedy film starring Matthew Broderick, Alec Baldwin, Toni Collette, Tim Blake Nelson, Joan Cusack uncredited, Tony Shalhoub, Buck Henry, Ray Liotta, Calista Flockhart and Ian Gomez. The movie is written and directed by Jeff Nathanson, who wrote Catch Me If You Can and The Terminal.

Though Schats screenplay is titled Arizona, and the main character is supposed to euthanize herself in a Hopi cave at the end of the movie, he is so desperate to make the film that Devine convinces him to film it in Rhode Island. Devines target there is Tommy Sanz, who muscles in on the production. Devine records Sanz accepting a bribe for the Teamsters approval of the production. Instead of ending the investigation at that point as the FBI expects, Devine plows ahead with the film production, because he has fallen in love with the movie business.Devines mania leads him to pitch a three picture deal to his FBI superiors. He is convinced that he can ensnare more mobsters with a similar scheme, while also producing actual films. The FBI agrees to the idea, and Devine throws himself into production full tilt. Just as filming begins, the FBI arrests Gotti and puts an end to the production, against Devines wishes. The film jumps forward two years to the premiere of a movie based on the sting operation. Schats is working as a manager at a movie theater. Devine visits him and apologizes. He reveals that he has been working on a screenplay, and Schats gets excited about the pitch. ........

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