The Mark of the Whistler

The Mark of the Whistler is a 1944 American mystery film noir based on the radio drama The Whistler. Directed by William Castle, the production features Richard Dix, Porter Hall and Janis Carter. It is the second of Columbia Pictures eight Whistler films produced in the 1940s, all but the last starring Dix.

Bosley Crowther, the film critic for the New York Times, gave the film a mixed review, writing The dodges by which a fellow successfully stakes a phony claim to a dormant account in a savings bank and swindles 29,000 lend some fair to middling interest to Columbias latest Whistlerseries filmone called The Mark of the Whistler...In this dubious demonstration, the film does present a criminal case with the patient documentation familiar in crimeandpunishment shorts. But the things that happen to this defrauder after he has got the cash are just the claptrap of cheap melodramaand they are bluntly presented that way.

Source: Wikipedia