The Nut Job

The Nut Job is a 2014 3D computeranimated heistcomedy film directed by Peter Lepeniotis who also wrote the film with Lorne Cameron and starring the voices of Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Gabriel Iglesias, Jeff Dunham, Liam Neeson and Katherine Heigl with supporting roles done by Stephen Lang, Maya Rudolph, and Sarah Gadon. The film is based on Lepeniotiss 2005 short animated film Surly Squirrel. Produced by Gulfstream Pictures, Redrover International and ToonBox Entertainment, it was released in the United States on January 17, 2014, by Open Road Films. With a budget of 42.8 million, it is the most expensive animated film coproduced in South Korea. The film grossed 64.3 million in North America for a worldwide total of 120.9 million. A sequel, titled The Nut Job 2, is in production.

In the city, they find Maurys Nut Shop. Adjacent to the bank, it is a criminal hideout used by Lucky, his pug Precious, Fingers, their boss Percy King Dimpleweed and Knuckles, who plan to break through the wall and replace the banks cash with nuts. Kings girlfriend, Lana, believes King has gone straight and the nut store is legitimate.Raccoon sends Andie and Grayson to the city to find food, but they get separated. Andie recovers Luckys dog whistle, which Knuckles had thrown out and Surly had used against Precious, and threatens to dispose of it if Surly does not share the nuts he is going to take. Surly accepts and unwittingly befriends Precious after threatening her with the whistle. Andie informs the park community of the plan. Raccoon reluctantly goes with the plan and assigns Mole and the Bruisers to go with her. Surly eventually learns from Mole that Raccoons policy is to control the food supply in order to control the animals, and that Raccoon plans sabotaging the nut bonanza. When Andie does not believe him, Surly leaves even when Grayson reunites with them. ........

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