The Whoopee Boys

The Whoopee Boys is a 1986 comedy film starring Michael OKeefe and Paul Rodriguez. The movie was made by the writers and the producers of the 1984 hit film Revenge of the Nerds.

Having finished both courses, Jake intends to win back Olivia. However, he must deal with the likes of Strobe and his two right hand men, Whitey and Tipper. To impress Olivias uncle, Judge Sternhill, Barney brings in some of his friends from the charm school to help Jake. For instance, Officer White gives Barney a machine gun to help Jake shoot skeet successfully with Barney actually pulling the trigger. When at a party, Jake manages to make Strobe look foolish, the Judge is disappointed with both men and suggests a game called cross courts, the two get Eddie to join in. However, when Eddie unwittingly confesses to Whitey about charm school, the ruse is up and Olivia is forced to marry Strobe.At the wedding ceremony, Jake and Barney sneak in while Claudia comes in as a guest. Officer White distracts the priest and arrests him. Roy disguises himself as the priest with Eddie posing as an altar boy. When Strobe unveils the bride, it is actually Barney in a wig and totally embarrassing Strobe. Jake and Olivia finally get Sternhills approval and Strobe is arrested by Officer White. Jake and Olivia drive off while Barney meets two women coming out of the church. The finale sees Judge Sternhill finding Colonel Phelps and they both give off the secret sign that they were both members of the secret society that Jake and Barney had become the newest members of. ........

Source: Wikipedia