True Colors (1991 film)

True Colors is a 1991 American drama film written by Kevin Wade and directed by Herbert Ross. The cast includes John Cusack, James Spader and Richard Widmark in his final movie role.

The friendship between them is severely tested when Peter confesses to Tim during a ski vacation that he and Diana have been carrying on an affair. He adds that he plans to ask Diana to marry him. Tim, angry at the betrayal, speeds off down a hazardous ski trail. The less experienced Peter follows him down. Theres a steep cliff at the end. Peter doesnt hear Tims belated warnings in time, hurtles down to the bottom breaking his leg and cracking two ribs. Tim forgives Peter and even agrees to be the best man at Peter and Dianas wedding.Shortly after marrying Diana, Peter falls under the influence of John Palmieri Mandy Patinkin, who has ties to organized crime and political corruption. He bribes Peter into going along with an influence peddling scheme. Meanwhile, things have begun to spiral out of control in Peters extended family. Earlier in the film, Stiles is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers disease, something that will end his political career. Peter seizes the opportunity to manipulate his fatherinlaw into supporting his run for Congress. When the older man refuses, Peter threatens to leak news of the illness to the press. The senator reluctantly acquiesces, but promises Peter that he will eventually get caught. ........

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