A Difficult Mission

A Difficult Mission is a 2006 Egyptian film that raises the issue of trade of toxic pesticides, leading to cancerous vegetables. The film is directed by Ehab Radi and starring Majdi Kamel, Tarek Allam, Khaled Elsawi, and Ola Ghanem.

The events of the film begin when Hind, a young woman, goes back home after work and three men attack her in an attempt to rape. Then Sami tries to save her and that lead to mistakenly kill of one of them. Sami is jailed, because he was accused of murder instead of selfdefense. Those events branch out to expose mafia toxic drug trades. At jail, Sami meets Shawqi and forges a friendship that is carried after being imprisoned.Embedded with scenes full of action, Shawqi and Sami are mistakenly involved, with one of the biggest business men in the country, in a case of illegal importers of fertilizers and toxins in the agriculture field. Sami refuses to agree to the crime of toxic fertilizers in the agriculture field and so he decides to use the help of the carcinogenic researcher. Dr. Nesma is the carcinogenic researcher, who refuses to sign an agreement that illegally imports toxic chemicals, therefore she is suspended from work therefore, she decides to raise this controversial issue to higher authorities. ........

Source: Wikipedia