A Lonely Place for Dying

A Lonely Place for Dying is a 2012 American independent dramathriller film directed by Justin Eugene Evans and produced by James Cromwell. Starring Ross Marquand, Michael Wincott, Michael Scovotti and James Cromwell, the film is set in 1972 during the Cold War. The films score was composed by Brent Daniels.

A Lonely Place For Dying held an unannounced sneak preview at the 2008 Santa Fe Film Festival. Despite being an outofcompetition roughcut screening with no visual effects, music, sound mix or color grade, it was nominated for three awards and won the Heineken Red Star Award.The firstminutes of the motion picture was released on VODO in July 2011. It was downloaded over one million times and became the bestseeded movie Torrent in the world for several weeks. A Lonely Place For Dying screened at its final three festivals and concluded its twoandahalfyearlong festival run while part one of the film dominated Bittorrent. ........

Source: Wikipedia