A Plumm Summer

A Plumm Summer is a 2007 adventurefamily film directed by Caroline Zelder. It starred Owen Pearce, Chris Massoglia appearing under the name Chris J. Kelly, Morgan Flynn, William Baldwin, Henry Winkler, and Lisa Guerrero. The film follows a teenage boy, his young brother, and a newtotown teenage girl as they try to find a marionette from a local television show which has been stolen and held for ransom. Meanwhile, the brothers father struggles with alcoholism and their mother tries to hold her marriage together.

A popular locally produced childrens television show, Happy Herb amp Froggy Doo, features magician Happy Herb Henry Winkler and his wisecracking marionette sidekick, Froggy Doo. Froggy Doo is stolen and held for ransom, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI is called in to investigate. Elliott Plumm Chris Massoglia used to watch the show, but now feels he is too grown up to do so any longer. His fiveyearold brother, Rocky, is a Froggy Doo fan, however. Their father, Mick Plumm William Baldwin, is a recovering alcoholic and unemployed exboxer who believes Elliotts birth prevented him from going to the Olympic Gamesyears earlier. Micks emotionally distant relationship with Elliott is causing Elliott to become emotionally troubled. Their mother, Roxie Plumm Lisa Guerrero, is the only breadwinner in the family, and keeping her husband sober and attending to her job means she has little time for her children.Elliott shows little interest in the kidnapping. Shortly thereafter, however, Haley Dubois Morgan Flynn and her father arrive in their rundown mobile home and move in next door. Haleys father is the new deputy sheriff in town, and Haley is entranced by the mystery surrounding the kidnapping of Froggy Doo. Elliott quickly begins to fall in love with Haley, and soon he agrees to help Haley and Rocky find Froggy Doo in order to win Haleys heart. The three kids have to find the marionette before the two bumbling FBI agents, Hardigan Peter Scolari and Brinkman Rick Overton can do so. Elliott, Haley, and Rockys list of suspects include the local bully, a store clerk, and Happy Herbs wife Viv Brenda Strong. As the kids pursue the case, Elliott and Rockys brotherly bond strengthens, and Elliott realizes he might not only win back the love of his father but provide his family with the substantial reward money and help his parents marriage, too. ........

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